Welcome to Promises-Promises!

We've all made promises.
We've all kept promises and we've all broken promises.
Have you forgotten promises you've made? Have others made promises to you that they've forgotten?

These pages are here to help you keep track of all these things. No more bickering about who-said-what or when. No more disagreement about promises being kept or broken.

Here you can track:
  • Promises you've made to someone or many people
  • Promises someone else has made to you
  • Promises that politicians have made and/or broken
  • All kinds of stuff: Debates, Romantic, whatev

You can log in anonymously or you can create your own account. By using an account, you're able to hide promises or show them only to those you choose. When you are an anonymous user all promising is up for public view and review.
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